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Income Tax Notice?

Income tax Department has sent 18 Lac Notices to Those Who Deposited Cash After Demonetisation

  • Do not be panic if you have received Income Tax Notice.
  • Case will be handled by the Rank holder CA.
  • 100% online & offline solution.
  • Track your case status online from our website.
  • We will Respond to IT Department on time.
  • 100% privacy & professionalism.

Why income tax notices after demonetization

Income tax department will give you maximum 12 days from the receipt of notice to send your reply via online portal of Income tax department.

  • If they are satisfied and you are able to justify your cash deposit you have no trouble and no tax liability.
  • If your cash deposit is not reasonable or you have less records, then the case will transfer to local Income tax officer for investigation & determine the tax.

What is Income Tax Scrutiny Notice?

Whether you are an individual assessee or corporate assessee whether you have filed your tax return on time or after due date, Income tax department may initiate scrutiny assessment procedure to determine the actual tax liability and investigate the Expenses and revenue. During scrutiny proceeding you are required to submit additional records, invoice, Accounts and any other documents as ITO deemed feet to assess the case If you have received a notice It does not mean that you have done any crime and it simply a normal process to investigate the tax liability of the assessee.

What we will do for you?

  • We will reply to income tax notice by after a meeting with you.
  • We will advise you how to justify you cash deposit stand after demonetization.
  • We will handle further Scrutiny assessment procedure if any initiated by the income tax department.
  • We have team of CA, income Tax Lawyer & Ex-Tax Commissioner.